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Apartment Loans in Phoenix, AZ - up to $7,500,000

Apartment Loans are Expanding!

Apartment loans in Phoenix, AZ for multifamily residential properties with 5 or more units are increasingly easier to qualify for and are expanding at a rate not seen in half a decade!   This is great news for real estate investors who want to pull cash out of existing stabilized multifamily properties or those who want to add to an already robust portfolio!

With rents continuing to rise and demand growing in the Phoenix, AZ market for apartment building and multifamily residential developments, underwriters are expanding the approval criteria and raising loan limits for apartment loans.  With loans available from $250,000 to as high as $7,500,000 and rates in the mid 4% range on a 30-year fixed, investors are moving fast to take advantage of the increased cash flow one of the loans can give their portfolio.

Loan to Value ratios on loan amounts above $1,000,000 are 80%!  Apartment Loans below $1,000,000 may be limited to 75% LTV.  However, the expanded loan amounts and easier qualification are helping thousands of investors across the nation including hundreds right her in the metropolitan Phoenix, AZ market.

To qualify for an apartment loan in Phoenix, AZ from $250,000 up to $7,500,000 with upt 80% LTV and rates in the 4's, contact us today!  Apartment loans for multifamily residential property from 5-500 units in the 4% range. 


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Apartment Loans in Phoenix, AZ - up to $7, 500, 000
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