Small Commercial Expert: Structured Finance – For Business and Commercial Real Estate

Structured Finance – For Business and Commercial Real Estate

Structured Finance for business used to be fairly easy to achieve but in today’s market, it can be more difficult.  Quite the opposite is true of Structured Finance for Real Estate.   Once a very difficult way to accomplish the financing of typical commercial properties today Structured Financing is the new industry buzz word.

Those seeking Structured Finance for business solutions should first categorize what they are seeking as there are specific approaches that must be used to create success.  For instance, business structure financing vehicles are categorized as DIP or Debtor in Possession, recapitalization, or growth capital.  These structures can come with a combination of senior debt financing, equity, bridge, mezzanine or even bond financing for business.

Similarly, those seeking Structured Finance for real estate should also categorize what are they want to accomplish and locate the proper source of capital.  Commercial real estate structured financing can be categorized as purchase money, refinance, recapitalization, DPO or discounted payoff or partnership buyout.

As in Structured Finance for business, structured finance for real estate also can have a combination of senior debt, equity, bridge, mezzanine or bond financing.  One other source of capital may also be tapped when dealing with commercial real estate financing structures and that is the government agency debt of HUD, Fannie Mae and/or Freddy Mac.

While these structured can be difficult for individuals or even companies to organize without a Capital Markets team in-house, Capital Markets teams with experience and connections can be outsourced.  Dividend America Commercial Lending through its affiliation with DPG Investments has the ability to become an outsourced Capital Markets teams bringing the connections to money and the expertise in structured financing vehicles to help businesses and commercial real estate investment enterprises.

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