Small Commercial Expert: Get Financed Today! - Multifamily, Office & Hotel

Get Financed Today! - Multifamily, Office & Hotel

Get Financed Today! - Financing Tips & Tricks

Get financed today, whether you are seeking a commercial real estate loan for multifamily financing, apartment loans, financing for an office building or office complex financing, even hotel loans, it is easier than one might think.  Having a proper understanding of the way underwriters think and accepting a few facts about financing are the keys to success.

Multifamily Financing

When financing multifamily developments or seeking apartment loans, knowing the area of the financing that is hot in today's market is one key to success.  Small balance loans are very hot in multifamily financing and apartment lending today.

Those loans in the $1 million to $5 million price range offer LTV ratios as high as 80%, are non-recourse in most cases and have rates that are below 4%!  To have a successful closing though, borrowers need to have experience and a solid balance sheet with a overall net worth equal to the loan amount. 

Loans for Office Buildings & Office Complex Financing

First things first, is it a purchase as an investment or will a business use at least 51% of the space?  This is important because purchased as an investment one must plan on putting at least 25% of the purchase price up as a down payment.  However, if 51% of the building will be occupied by the borrower's business then the entire purchase, up to 100%, can be financed through the Professional Practices Program using SBA and hybrid SBA loans.

The kicker with the Professional Practices Program financing is that the other 49% of the space can be leased to other businesses helping the borrower to defer cost or completely pay the mortgage payment for the business!

Hotel Loans

Hotel loans are back in vogue and funding is happening at many levels.  The most popular sector is what is known as Select Service and Interior Corridor hospitality.  No matter what its called properties with cash flow and borrowers with some experience and at least 25% equity are getting financed more than ever.  The key here is EXPERIENCE.  Show experience and a willingness to provide recourse and you're probably getting funding!

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